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Stephanie Hurst MFT, Postpartum Mental Health WA, Perinatal Mental Health WA

I help women and couples adequately prepare for & walk through the mental and emotional journey of all stages of parenting from a holistic perspective.



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Whatever brings you here, you are not alone.  Mothering is one of the hardest journeys you will walk through.  Maybe you are experiencing intense sadness, unexpected anxiety or you find yourself having flashbacks to your traumatic birth experience.

Therapy works to bring healing.  In my work with clients, I incorporate both talk and EMDR therapy to help my clients experience healing and be the mother they always hoped to be.

Preparation & Prevention

Do you feel a bit overwhelmed at the idea of becoming a mother?  Perhaps you still struggle with your own childhood wounds and now you are raising your own kiddos and finding some patterns beginning to repeat themselves.  I am glad you are here!


I work with mothers and couples to help prepare them for raising their own family while still healing from past childhood wounds.  I help my clients put a stop to generational trauma by ending destructive patterns with their own parenting.

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Preparation Class

This is the only class of its kind where you will learn how to prepare and plan for a positive and supported postpartum experience.

You will learn in detail about the postpartum season, replenishing from postnatal depletion, relational changes and how to thrive in them and mood changes that can occur.  We will also discuss how to take the information you now know and create a personalized postpartum plan.

Being a mother is the best reason

you'll ever have to take care of you.


I'm Stephanie.
Therapist &
Mom Advocate!

I'm a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate (LMFTA) providing holistic mental health therapy to individuals, couples, and groups. I enjoy looking beyond the surface level to guide my clients into a deeper, better, and more rich understanding of their inner selves and relationship dynamics. I relish supporting their healing process and wellness journey while offering a compassionate, supportive, and unique therapeutic relationship. Inner work can be challenging.


It may be the toughest thing you ever do, but you have the potential in you. You deserve to be heard and to take up the therapeutic space to share your story. I will strive to ensure you feel safe and cared for during your healing process as we work together. You are not alone. 

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