Hey, Mama!

I help women and couples adequately prepare for & walk through the mental and emotional journey of pregnancy, postpartum and parenthood from a holistic perspective.


Preparation & Prevention

I work with women to ensure they are prepared for the transition to motherhood.  I educate on topics such as brain and emotional changes that occur, nutritional needs for mental wellness, hormonal changes and how those effect moods, and family dynamics.

I also work with women and families to plan for postpartum taking into account your unique priorities, needs and resources.  This planning is crucial for a smoother transition into your new parental role.

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Maybe you are not feeling yourself after having a child?  Maybe you find that your worry or sadness is hindering you from being the parent you desire.

I help women to experience relief from anxiety, depression, overwhelm, family turmoil and adjustment difficulties.  

My treatment model includes education, skill building, nutritional and environmental changes that are shown to impact mental health.  I work alongside you so you do not walk through this difficult time alone.

Being a mother is the best reason

you'll ever have to take care of you.


I'm Stephanie.
Therapist &
Mom Cheerleader!

I am right there with you! I juggle my child while drinking cold coffee. I am 5 minutes late because of a needed diaper change as I am leaving the house. I have those intrusive scary thoughts about my child's safety.  


Motherhood can be very difficult, and feeling that way is no reflection of the love you have for your kids. I love working with moms to help them be free from the anxiety and overwhelm and usher in acceptance, grace, and joy!  

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