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Couple Holding Hands

Couples Therapy

Welcoming a child into your home can have a big impact on partner relationships.  Probblems that were there before tend to be exacerbated when baby arrives.  Couples often find that they have a hard time connecting like they used to be able to and question if they want to be in the relationship any more.

In my work with couples, I take a neutral stance.  I work with the couple to discover unhealthy patterns of communication and uncover unseen emotions that may be hindering connection.  I also enjoy working with couples in relation to their new parental roles to help couples find a system that works for their individual family.

Pre-parenthood Couples Therapy

Like Pre-marital counseling, I work with couples to prepare for parenthood.  I find that working with couples prior to or during pregnancy to help prepare for their new roles as parents can be hugely beneficial.  This work is done over a period of 6 sessions and we address a certain topic each session.  This work gives the couple the opportunity to prepare in a way they may not have thought to with their partner.  I have found that this preparation have a big positive impact on adjustment.

Topics Covered:

  • Family of origin

  • Unspoken expectations

  • Communication patterns

  • Postpartum period

  • Parenting ideals

Postpartum Partner Support

I also work with couples when one of the partners is struggling with a postpartum mental health concern.  In this work together, we spend time on education about what is going on as well as how to support during this difficult time.  With anyone who is struggling with a postpartum mental health concern, I encourage them to be having their own therapy sessions but I have found that some couples decide to have couples sessions as well to help stay informed and connected during treatment.

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