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Parent and Child at the Supermarket


Do you feel a bit lost when it comes to parenting or parenting techniques?  Do you feel like your children does not listen and a simple request turns into a meltdown?  With so many different parenting methods out there it can be very confusing to know where to begin in finding a method that works for your family.  

I work with parents with children ages birth to four years old to help discover a parenting model and parenting techniques that align with your family values and family structure.  I use a number of different models to help guide the direction but the parents ultimately decide what works for them and their children.  I provide therapy services for individuals or couples to help decipher what is most important to each of them and help both parents to get on the same page on their parenting journey.

Models I Pull From:

  • Attachment Parenting

  • Incredible Years Parenting

  • Montessori Style Learning 

  • Positive Discipline

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