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2020 Reflection

Can we all take a deep breath and pat ourselves on the back that we all made it through 2020! Maybe you look back on the year and wish you handled things with more patience or peace. The important thing is that you made it through and are standing (probably sitting) here today. As previewed in last week’s post, I wanted to discuss some questions to help you reflect on the past year you had. You may find it helpful to journal these questions out or discuss them with a friend or partner. Whatever way you find most beneficial, I encourage you to give these some thought. Understanding these questions can help you better understand what you can change this year.

What are some things you can celebrate or are proud of yourself for doing?

This may be something more significant such as having a baby or starting school. This also may be something smaller, like being more available for your family.

What worked for you? What did not work for you?

An example from my own life is monthly meal planning! I used to meal plan weekly, but this year, I would often be busy and delay, which would throw off my whole week. I began meal planning monthly, which helped me stay ahead of the game. You may decide that communication with your partner did not work and perhaps want to commit to growing in that area this year.

What was particularly difficult for you this year?

Our nation and world struggled a lot this year. Think of things that were difficult for you personally. Perhaps this includes job loss or the birth of a baby with little support.

How did you handle the difficulties that came up for you?

Did you push it down, or did you allow yourself to feel what you were feeling emotionally? We often think that being strong means not to have those difficult emotions. That is not a marker of strength. You are strong when you allow yourself the space to feel whatever you are feeling.

What do you wish you did differently?

I want you to think about this question free of guilt. I don’t want you to beat yourself up over the past but rather acknowledge the reality you were facing. Perhaps you wish you showed more patience with your kids or partner, maybe you wish you didn’t watch so much TV.

What are some things that you are looking forward to this year?

I want you to think about some things you want to do this year. Maybe it is something bigger like a trip or something smaller like a consistent family movie night. I know for me this year, I want to get an ice cream maker in the summer and enjoy homemade ice cream throughout the summer!

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