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Building Your Prenatal Support Team

When we think of support during the parental transition, we often think about our birth team and maybe one or two people who will help us after the birth. Building a support network can (and should) be done beginning right after a positive test! This support network can be built in different circles but all of them are crucial to you feeling supported and prepared for becoming a parent.

Your Inner Circle

Your immediate support circle may consist of your partner, mother, father, very close friends and maybe your in-laws. These people are ones you can share openly with about the ups and downs you feel. This may include excitements you have, fears or insecurities you have, the uncertainties. It is important that the people in this immediate support circle will validate your feelings and not just making comments filled with positivity. Positivity is great but can also be a very invalidating experience for someone who is expressing really fears or struggles they have. You can also express your needs to your immediate circle supports. Maybe you are feeling overwhelmed with getting organization projects done or meal prepping. These are the people you can ask to come over for a tea and help you. Maybe you need a foot massage after long days at work, these are the people for that!

Your Outer Circle

Your outer circle may include those in your faith community, work community, neighbors, and other friendships. Your outer circle are those who will help you with a positive, energetically good environment. These individuals will share in excitement, show their support such as small parties or gifts and that want to hear updates. You may feel comfortable to share other feelings when you feel comfortable. These are also people that you may ask for help or advice on things you are unsure about when it comes to baby needs or parenthood.

Your Social Supports

Your social supports often include more professional relationships that still show you support and care but in more of a specialized way. These are supports that you often need to establish during your prenatal care yourself. Your social supports are great resources that you can ask questions to that other support circles may not be able to. Examples of these supports can include:

  • Prenatal care provider (OB/Midwife)

  • Perinatal Therapist

  • Chiropractor

  • Acupuncturist

  • Prenatal massage therapist

  • Prenatal yoga instructor and class participants

  • Birth class instructor and class participants

  • Pregnancy or parenthood social media groups

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