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First Trimester Journal Prompts

After getting that positive pregnancy test, many emotions begin to swirl. Here are some journal prompts to help emotionally move through the first trimester of your pregnancy. Grab a cute journal, pour some tea and begin writing!

  1. What were your initial thoughts and feelings when seeing a positive pregnancy test?

  2. Do you have any fears or uncertainties about your pregnancy? How do you cope or manage those feelings?

  3. How is your partner feeling about this pregnancy? How did you tell them?

  4. How do you feel about telling your family members? Are there any family members that you are concerned about telling?

  5. Are you having any difficult pregnancy symptoms? How are these physical symptoms affecting you mentally?

  6. What are your expectations of this pregnancy?

  7. How would you like to announce your pregnancy?

  8. What would you like to prioritize during this pregnancy?

  9. Do you want to find out the baby's sex? Do you have a desired sex of your baby and why?

  10. Are there anything in life right now that is adding stress to your life? Write about some of those stressors. How are you able to manage these stressors better?

  11. What are some areas you would like to strengthen in your relationship with your partner before baby arrives?

  12. What planning have you begun to prepare for baby's arrival?

  13. This is your last week of the first trimester! How are you emotionally and mentally feeling right now in your pregnancy?

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