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Lessons Learned

Are you like me and doing praise hands at the fact that we made it through 2020? That was a challenging year! I am looking back at last year, and some reflection is in order. I want to encourage you also to do some reflecting. After a tough season, it can be so easy to want to crumple those papers, throw them out and not think about it again. I understand the reason for this, but it can also cause us to miss some important lessons that could be learned. I wanted to share a few lessons that I discovered in my reflection of 2020.

How to Truly Implement Self-Care

Self-care is a huge topic lately. The subject comes up multiple times a week on blogs or social media. Self-care is essential, but it probably won't be beneficial if it is the last thing on your to-do list. I have always seen self-care as another item on my to-do list, and it is often the item that doesn't get done. This year forced me to look at self-care differently. It is no longer something I engage in if I have some time at the end of the day. It is something I engage in during nap time. If my morning vacuuming didn't get done, I still sit down for an hour or more and read my book. My self-care is JUST AS important as my other chores, if not more. I have seen a shift in my mental capacity to love my family well when I give myself that time.

Most Things are Outside of our Control

Oh, how this is a hard lesson to learn. So often, we think there is more in our control than there is. The feeling of control makes us feel safe and less fearful. If something is not in our control, how do we know it won't hurt or disappoint us? Control is often our response when we feel chaos. Recognizing my lack of control in life is something that I have not just learned but embraced. I am in control of my actions, attitudes, and reactions. The things that I am not in control of, I am learning to be okay with that. I have found it to bring me more at peace when I embrace the unknown rather than try and control something that I will be unable to.

Everyone is Changing

I am not the same person I was one year ago. I have learned to embrace the changes that I go through and enjoy the new things about me. These changes may be things that I enjoy, how I communicate, or what I need from my husband. I have learned to look for these changes, step outside of my routine, and implement them into my life.

Have you reflected on your last year? Next week I will share some ways to reflect on the year you had!

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