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Postpartum Preparation Course Launch!

I am excited to announce my Postpartum Preparation Course. This course has been a labor of love and something that I needed when preparing for postpartum. I searched, but there were no resources to help with the mental and emotional aspects of postpartum. So I created it!

I created this course for women to feel prepared for the emotional changes in becoming mothers. Some women are at a higher risk for developing a postpartum mood disorder. Research has shown that prevention and early treatment contribute to the best outcomes in healing. I want women to feel prepared and understand what is expected and the symptoms they may need additional support with.

This course is for women who are pregnant or early postpartum looking for resources and support for the mental and emotional changes they are going through. In the Postpartum Preparation Course, there are 13 topics covered, including adjustment, mental health, coping skills, thought patterns, and partner relationships. This course can be completed on your own time, and you will have access to it forever. This will allow you to return whenever you need as well as in future pregnancies you may have. You will also have access to any adjustments or additional information that is updated.

If you have any specific questions regarding the course, feel free to email me personally.

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