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Returning to Work Connection Questions for Couples

Going back to work can be one of the more challenging experiences after having a baby. Whether you had a shorter or longer maternity leave, you will face certain challenges and fears during this transition. It is important to take intentional time with your partner to discuss the feelings you are having and the plan going forward. These questions are helpful to have if both partners are working or if just one partner is working and the other is staying home.

  1. What is our plan for childcare?

  2. Do you feel comfortable with this plan?

  3. What do you think will be the most challenging change going back to work?

  4. What are our work hours going to be?

  5. How will we divide up household management?

  6. What chores are you more interested in doing?

  7. How do we plan to have dinner prepared when we are both working?

  8. How will we divide taking care of our child during non work hours?

  9. How will we maximize our commute to transition to and from work?

  10. How will we help each other find time during the week to engage in activities we enjoy?

  11. What will self-care look like for each of us?

  12. How can I help to ensure you have some alone time during the week?

  13. How do you feel about our current financial state? Are we able to have productive and non-stressful conversations about money?

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