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Second Trimester Journal Prompts

Welcome to the second trimester! This is the trimester that people glamorize. You most likely felt tired and maybe even sick during the first trimester and now, hopefully, feeling better. There are challenges in the second trimester so don't feel discouraged if your experience doesn't match what people are saying. Here are some journal prompts to get your self-reflective time in.

  1. How has pregnancy changed you or changed your perspective?

  2. What are some fears or concerns you have about motherhood?

  3. What things from your own childhood do you want to incorporate into parenting?

  4. What family values do you want to instill in your children?

  5. How has being pregnant changed your relationship with friends and family?

  6. How do you envision yourself as a mother?

  7. Have there been any significant changes in your relationship with your partner since being pregnant?

  8. Write a letter to your unborn child.

  9. List 5 words that describe how it feels to be pregnant right now

  10. Who is your support system during this time?

  11. How is you and your partners communication? Are there topics that you feel uncomfortable having?

  12. Do you feel supported by your partner in your pregnancy and birth plan?

  13. How are you emotionally feeling in your pregnancy right now?

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