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What is a Mental Wellness Basket and How to Make One

Postpartum is a difficult time for many different reasons. One of those reasons is because mothers often forget to take care of themselves. We may go multiple days without a shower, brushing our hair or washing our face. A mental wellness basket is a great way to be reminded to take the 30 seconds to partake in self-care throughout the day.

What is a Postpartum Mental Wellness Basket?

A postpartum mental wellness basket is a collection of items that encourage and remind mothers to engage is self care. This is something you can (and should!) make for yourself prior to giving birth or it is something you can put together for a friend. It should be placed somewhere that you frequent multiple times a day such as on the bathroom counter.

If you are making one for yourself - put your favorite items in it! This can include your favorite chapstick, tea, or body oil. I encourage people to also put items in that are shown to enhance our mental wellness such as dark chocolate, aromatherapy oils, or affirmation cards. Whatever will help you get through the day with some joy - put that in.

20 Items you can include:

  1. Affirmation Cards (make your own or purchase some)

  2. Healing Teas

  3. Gift Cards to your Favorite online Stores

  4. Dark Chocolate

  5. Calming Face Wash or Face Oil (I make my own with lavender & Tea Tree Oil)

  6. Immunity Roller

  7. Eye Mask or Warming Eye Pillow

  8. Small Journal

  9. Nail Polish

  10. Healing Bath Bomb

  11. Linen Spray

  12. Cozy Socks

  13. Devotional

  14. Cute Mug

  15. Jade Face Roller

  16. Favorite Candle

  17. Facial Mask

  18. Meditation or Mindfulness cards

  19. Cards from Friends

  20. Favorite Perfume

A Mental Wellness basket is a must for postpartum but you also may want to make one for a difficult season in life or to have all the time!

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