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Prenatal Mental Health

Prenatal Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety and depression can increase in pregnancy for many different reasons.  There are huge changes occuring in your life which can bring up thoughts about your own family of origin, stress about the unknown or concern that something will go wrong.  I love walking with women as they navigate anxiety and depression and discover coping skills which can be utilized to help aleviate these symtpoms.

Postpartum Preparation

Postpartum is such an important time in a woman's life.  This is a time of significant adjustment in which she is creating a new normal while caring for her newborn.  Research has found that early detection and treatment of postpartum mental health issues relates to positive outcomes.  Postpartum mental health concerns can include baby blues, adjustment struggles, anxiety, depression, and relational difficulties.  I have found it incredibly helpful for woman who find they are at risk for developing postpartum anxiety or depression to begin therapy in pregnancy to help gain skills to be better prepared for the postpartum experience.  If you find that you are at higher risk for postpartum mental health issue or if you would like to be more prepared with coping skills and information, I would love to begin this journey with you during your pregnancy.

Risk Factors for Postpartum Mental Health Concerns:

  • You have a history of anxiety or depression

  • You have bipolar disorder

  • You had postpartum depression after a previous pregnancy

  • You have a family history of depression

  • Stressful events in the past year such as pregnancy loss, illness or job loss

  • Your baby has health problems or special needs

  • You are having twins

  • You have difficulty breastfeeding

  • You are having difficulty with your relationship with your significant other

  • You have a weak support system

  • You have financial concerns

  • Your pregnancy was unplanned or unwanted

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