I adequately prepare and help mothers for the most important role in their life!



A time to receive the understanding, emotional support new moms need and process through the changes that come with a new member of the family.


A way to get started right this second!  These preparation courses help you get ready for motherhood and the mental and emotional journey it is.


A time to reevaluate your routines and rhythms to ensure your are getting out of life what you desire to!  Think discovering your family values, goal planning and parenting methods.


  • Postpartum & Parenthood Preparation

  • PPD & PPA Prevention

  • Baby Blues

  • Postpartum Depression

  • Postpartum Anxiety

  • Bonding & Attachment Difficulties

  • Transition to Parenthood

  • Couple's Therapy

  • Birth Trauma

  • Miscarriage & Infant Loss

  • Post-Abortion Stress Syndrome

  • Sexual Abuse Trauma & Pregnancy

  • Pregnancy Decisions

  • Women's Issues

Preparation and Prevention

The most common frustration I hear from moms after having a child is how emotionally unprepared they felt for transitioning to parenthood. We prepare for pregnancy, birth, and the physical healing that postpartum entails, not the mental and emotional changes that last forever.

That is where I come in. I help you prepare for the most significant transition of your life. I work to educate you from a holistic perspective on the changes within your brain and emotional function during postpartum. I also work with you to plan for postpartum, considering your unique needs, priorities, and resources.

After working with me, you will feel prepared and ready for this new endeavor of parenthood.

Topics Include:

Postpartum Time Period & Priorities

Postpartum Mental Health

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Nutritional Needs & Mental Health

Hormonal Changes & Mental Health

Boundaries & Coping Skills

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Mental Health treatment is not only for mothers who are in crisis. Early treatment is associated with quicker and more effective outcomes. 

I work from an evidence-based, holistic approach. I will work with you to treat mental health concerns using CBT skill-building and thought retraining, nutritional changes, and hormone balancing through environmental changes. I collaborate with outside holistic providers if additional treatment is needed for your care.

Your mental wellness is very important to me. I want you to thrive as a woman and a mother. I walk alongside my clients to ensure they receive the healing treatment they need.

What Makes me Different?

I approach postpartum recognizing the many factors that impact a mother's mental health.  I work to prepare and support you through each factor to ensure all areas are attended to, healthy and being treated.

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I work with my clients from a holistic approach by addressing the impact of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and relational health on one’s mental wellness.