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I help women become the best version of themselves while pursuing the kind of life they want - one with abundant freedom, joy, and peace.

Cheerful Pregnant Woman


Welcoming a new baby can bring up many different emotions.  We work together to navigate these emotions as well as any anxiety or depression you may be feeling.

I also work with women who may be at higher risk for postpartum mental health concerns to be proactive in preparing and addressing these.

Happy Mother with her Child


Having a new baby is a big adjustment.  Some women struggle with feelings they were not expecting to which can get in the way of bonding with their baby or taking care of themselves.  

I work with women who are struggling with many different postpartum concerns to ensure a healthy adjustment to their new arrival.


Parenthood can be a big adjustment to a relationship.  I work with couples to help navigate this adjustment while still remaining connected with each other.

I also work with couples for pre-parenthood therapy to help address any concerns prior to baby arrives.

Young Couple


Are you intentionally parenting your child or just making decisions on the spot?  Is your parenting style working for everyone in the family?

I work with clients to better navigate parenting and find ways that work best for you and your child. 

Parents with Child
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